Wirtshaus zum Griena

461 year old tradition

The historic Wirtshaus zum Griena, which essentially dates back tot he 17th century, is located in the quiet village of Dorf Haus in Mayrhofen in the beautiful Zillertal. The history oft he former farm goes back hundreds of years. Formerly used as a residential building and later also as a hostel for foreigners, the „Griena“ finally became an inn. Today a centuries old jewel that is under monument protection, with the oldest rooms in the whole Zillertal. The rustic character of the cozy inn is unmistakable. Wooden tables, tiled stoves and the old vault is simply unique. For many years, the Wirtshaus zum Griena has stood for good Austrian hospitality. Old recipes are still used here. The small and fine range of dishes is freshly prepared every day with lots of love. All products required for this come from the region. Wine lovers don’t miss out either and have the opportunity to browse through the extensive range of wines.